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Welcome to our Balloon Pins Trading Site.

I am a Commercial Balloon Pilot living in Lincolnshire, a central location in the United Kingdom, I fly large passenger carrying balloons for a living both in the U.K. and also in Melbourne, Australia spending 6 months in each countrey each year, I also operatie a number of Special Shaped and Round Balloons and attend meetings all over the world. Our Special Shapes currently include Aston Martin G-OAML, The Orange G-CDXW, Bertie Bassett No.1 G-BXAL and No.2 G-BZTS, Barclays House G-BWZP, Action Man Parachutist G-CGIS, Babybel Cheese G-BXUG, Citroen G-CITR and our Snow White Doll G-BVDF. We also operate round balloons Aspen G-BUNG, Wurth D-WUERTH, Warsteiner D-OWJK, Murr Elektronik D-OLLE, Babybel Hopper G-BXUH, Bertie Round G-BXAM, Twilleys G-BERD, Badkap Lindstrand 150 D-OKAP and Kwik Kaye G-KSKS

I started collecting Special Shaped Balloon Pins many years ago for my daughter Chloe and her collection is now one of the largest in Europe extending to several thousand., The Little Bee's and Bertie Bassett being her favourite so far. We have designed and produced many pins of our balloons and also designed and produced many for others. We work together with the leading Pin Designers and Producers throughout the world and have good connections to the Worlds keenest collectors. We are always keen to add through purchasing or trading newly designed pins with balloon teams or operators especially Special Shapes so please send us pictures of your pins if available.

If you require a exclusive pin of your own balloon we can have designs made upon receipt of your photo's or artwork and offer competitive pricing and expert service.

On this site you will find all our pins currently available for sale or trade, divided into Special Shapes and Round Balloons, should you wish to add your pins to this site please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always looking to trade new pins an expand our portfolio. Many of these pins are extremely ratre and most are limited editions, some numbered. Many we hold one piece only so once gone they are hard to replace, prices tend to vary depending on how rare or limited they are, or from what part of the world they have originated.

We hope you have fun looking through our available pins and hope something is of interest to add to your collection.

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